Hi, I'm Rick. (And that's Noah.)

I make the Once upon a Pancake books because making stuff up is fun, and making stuff up together is even more fun.

Play is good. Children get it, the lucky things. My wish is that these books help kiddos develop their reading, writing, and storytelling abilities, without ever stifling their sense of play.

Us grown-ups need some reminding that play is good, and that feeling creative happens when you stop caring whether your ideas are good or bad. I hope these books jog your memory.

About Pfannkuchen Press

We're an independent publisher based in California. We print our books here in Manitoba, with the employee-owned company Friesens. 

We're working on distribution options that support independent bookstores. If you're a bookseller who wants to stock our books, please email us. 

About the team

Thank you to the co-creators who helped bring these books to life: Maddie Egremont, Karin Fisher-Golton, Kristen Haff, Jake Kahana, Katie Herman, and especially my wife Lisa and son Noah.